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years and counting…

18 October 2021

2022 will mark a fantastic milestone in the working partnership between Concord and Bruce’s Executive Travel Ltd – a renowned local taxi service.

Bruce’s Executive Travel, otherwise known as Bruce’s Travel or Bruce’s Taxis, has been offering its services to the students and staff at the College since September 1987, when the business consisted of just its Founder, Mr Robbie Bruce. September 2022 will mark 35 years of service.

In 1987, Mr Bruce, in the only company car, used to collect and drop off students from Concord and its Summer Schools to Heathrow airport, as well as taking students to and from the local town of Shrewsbury.

Speaking of his memories, Mr Bruce who lived in Acton Burnell in the mid-1980s said: “I remember when Concord used to have around 200 students and very few phones.

“I used to liaise with former Principal, Mr Tony Morris and former Summer School Director, Mr John Leighton, and I put my business posters in the cellar at Concord – which was the student Common Room back then.

“Students would have to queue to use the one pay phone in there, and likewise, apart from my office phone I would often stop off at Pitchford, near Concord, to use the local pay phone to see if more calls had come through whilst I was out driving.”

He added: “Often, parents would ring the College or my home from the likes of Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur to organise travel arrangements for their children, so sometimes the line was very crackly.”

Note from editor: After 34 years of service, Mr Bruce joked that he is probably better known in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur than in Shropshire.

Mr Bruce provided exemplary service and went above and beyond for students, even starting a luggage storage service for Concord students staying in the UK after leaving Concord and prior to starting at university.

As the College and the Summer School have both developed and grown in numbers, so has Bruces Executive Travel. Over a number of years, Mr Bruce expanded his business and has been taxiing students and staff to Shrewsbury and Telford, and further afield to school events, marketing trips, embassies, helped with assisted check-ins at airports, and catered for various travel or special needs.

Most recently, Mr Bruce has been an asset to the College in providing vast airport support and transfers for students – most of whom are unaccompanied minors, who have travelled from amber and red-listed countries.

Said Mr Bruce, who has taxied tens of thousands of Concordians: “As the College has developed, so has my business. We now have 10 main company cars on the roads, additional recruitments where needed and 28 staff.

“We’ve developed our services and rose to any challenges we’ve encountered along the way.

“I’d like to thank Concord for backing us, trusting us, and working with us for this time and as a business, we have learnt from the feedback of students and staff at the College, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience – and still do!

“I would like to add that none of this would be possible without everyone in my team – all of those in the office at Condover, everyone who answers the calls day and night, deals with emails, logistics, and of course our excellent drivers over the years who have helped us build the reputation we have today.”

Concord would like to thank Mr Bruce for his unwavering, safe, reliable service to the College and for all he has given in the past 34 years.

Concord’s Vice Principal (Academic), Mr Tom Lawrence said: “Robbie is very well known not only for his supreme service, but also for his admirable nature and the care he has devoted to all who use or who have used his taxi service.

“He is a part of the Concord community.”

Summer School Administrator, Mrs Caroline Pocock added: “As well as working with Main Term, Bruce’s Executive Travel have been a vital part of our Summer School travel arrangements year on year.

“Robbie and his team are caring and professional with every student transfer being given the individual attention to ensure our students safety.”

Mr Robbie Bruce at Concord