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& Conditions

These terms and conditions are an agreement between the Summer School and the Parent (or person acting on behalf of the Parent).

1 Terminology

1.1 The Summer School: means The Bell Concord Educational Trust Limited, Acton Burnell Hall, Acton Burnell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY5 7PF, trading as Concord College Summer The Bell Concord Education Trust Limited is registered with charity number 326279 and with company number 01503040.

1.2 The Parent or You: means any person who has sent the application form for attendance at the Summer School.

1.3 Student: means the child named on the application form.

2 Applying for a place/enrolment

2.1 The Parent understands and agrees that a place for their child can be reserved by completing and sending the online application form. If the application is accepted, a non-refundable deposit payment of 500 GBP must be made to secure the place.

2.2 The Summer School reserves the right to refuse an enrolment.

2.3 The Summer School will issue a Certificate of Acceptance and a supporting visa letter (if required) after receipt of full payment. These documents will be supplied electronically. If an original copy of the enrolment documents is needed there will be a charge applied of 30 GBP.

2.4 Any change made to the course dates selected or course programme within 8 weeks of the Student’s course start date will incur a 150 GBP administration charge; this includes changes to Enrichment Activities once the course begins.

2.5 Balance of payment of fees is due by full fee payment deadline. If payment is not received in time, the place will be cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited. Full fees will be payable at once if an application is made after the full fees payment deadline has passed.

2.6 The College is not responsible for any charges incurred which are connected to payment These are the responsibility of the payer.

3 Course Fees – Residential

3.1 The course fee includes tuition, accommodation, meals, laundry, insurance (please see details of the insurance cover on the website) and most excursions. It also includes transfers from Manchester or London Heathrow airports on the first and last day of the programme, where flights arrive/leave within a specified time frame. Please see the website for the current airport free transfer window.

4 Course Fees – Online

4.1 The course fee includes online tuition, course support and access to a learning platform.

5 Changes to the programme

5.1 The Summer School may make changes to the course programme, excursions, and activities at any time to ensure the Student receives the best possible experience and based on local or national circumstances.

6 Student behaviour

6.1 All students attending Summer School must agree to and abide by the Student Rules (Summer School), which are available on the website, the online portal and in the Student Handbook. The Summer School reserves the right to send home any student who breaks these rules. The student will be sent home at the Parents’ expense and fees will not be refunded. The Summer School’s decision will be final and, due to the short length of the course, there is no right to appeal. However, parents may refer to the Summer School’s Complaints Policy which is available on the website and online portal.

6.2 If Summer School staff suspect that a Student has broken Summer School rules or has been involved in any illegal activity, the Student may be questioned, and his/her accommodation or belongings may be searched in appropriate circumstances. All reasonable care will be taken to protect the Student’s rights and freedoms and to ensure that the Parent is informed as soon as reasonably practical after it becomes clear that the Student may face formal disciplinary action.

7 Medical treatment, including First Aid

7.1 The Summer School accept Students only on the understanding that they are in good health at the commencement of the programme. The Summer School can take no responsibility for any aspects of your child’s wellbeing if a medical condition is not declared prior to arrival. You must give a full account in writing if there are any added concerns or matters about which we need to be aware.

7.2 When submitting the Application Form, the Parent agrees to provide consent to all emergency or other medical, dental treatments or procedures (including but not restricted to inoculations, general or local anaesthetic, surgery or blood transfusion) which, in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner, are necessary for the safety and wellbeing of your child. The Parent also agrees to the provision of First Aid as and when necessary.

7.3 Where it is reasonably practical, we will attempt to contact you by telephone to obtain your agreement to any emergency medical treatment or where this is not possible, we will act in loco parentis on your behalf and sign the medical consent form and agree to the medical treatment on your behalf.

8 Marketing and promotional materials

8.1 The Summer School uses Student testimonials, photographs and video footage for marketing purposes and on social media. There is the opportunity to opt out of this during the collection of pre-arrival information if the Parent does not wish photographs of the Student to appear in such material.

9 Cancellation & Refunds

9.1 In the event the Parent wants to cancel a confirmed place, written notice (via e-mail) will be required. The cancellation will take effect from the day the written notice is received by the Summer School and the following charges will apply.

9.2 Cancellation due to visa refusal: If a visa application is rejected and the Summer School receives written evidence at least 45 days prior to arrival, the Summer School will refund the fees received in full, less an administrative fee of 150 GBP. Where we receive this evidence, the refund will be paid within 4 weeks of you confirming the refund method and following validation checks by the Accounts office. If written evidence of a refusal is received less than 45 days prior to arrival then the refund will be paid less the 500 GBP deposit payment.

9.3 Cancelled more than 45 days prior to the course start date: All fees will be refunded less 500 GBP.

9.4 Cancelled less than 45 days prior to the course start date: No refund will be made, but all fees can be transferred towards another summer course for the same Student (or sibling or friend) for the following year. An administration charge of 150 GBP will be payable for this transfer.

10 Force Majeure

10. 1 An event beyond the reasonable control of the parties to this agreement is a Force Majeure Event. Such events include but are not limited to any worldwide event or act of God (such as war, disease outbreak, natural disaster, terrorist attack, epidemic or pandemic). The Summer School reserves the right to cancel a course or programme in the case of such an event and the Parent understands that:

a If the Summer School is prevented from or delayed in carrying out its obligations by a Force Majeure Event, it shall at once notify the Parent by email and shall be excused from performing its obligations while the Force Majeure Event continues.

b The Summer School may give the Parent the choice of the Student attending the next available Summer School course, if eligible, as an alternative to cancelling. The Parent will be under no obligation, however, to accept the Student’s attendance on a different Summer School course and can opt for a full refund of fees paid (including deposit).

11 Data

11.1 The Summer School uses the information collected about the Parent and the Student strictly for internal administration. The Summer School’s privacy notice, which contains further information about how we use personal data, can be found on our website.

12 Policies

12.1 The Summer School abides by the relevant Concord College Main Term policies, which are available to view on the Main Term website or for ease of reference, the main Summer School policies are available to view on the Summer School website.


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