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Workshops (Ages 11-12 years)

Concord Summer School Discovery Workshops are an immersive and interactive way for students to enhance their knowledge in their chosen course or to explore and learn a new subject.

In an enjoyable and supportive environment students will build their confidence and improve their English and interpersonal skills. All courses offer an in-built educational trip to accompany the students learning.

Students will be able to choose one of the following subjects to explore throughout the course:

Arts and Humanities

Arts & Crafts
This is an exciting course for students to develop their creative skills. They will explore and learn different art techniques and experiment with different materials to develop their own themed art project. An interactive and hands-on course, which includes an accompanying educational trip to an art gallery or an arts and crafts class.

History & Cultures
This course is a fun and interesting way for students to develop their research and presentation skills, whilst learning about a new culture. Students will delve into the history of Britain, exploring its culture over different periods and will present their learning to the class. An interactive course, which includes an accompanying educational visit to a famous UK heritage site, historical attraction or museum.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Student will join an interactive course full of stimulating and engaging activities that will extend their understanding of Mathematics. Students will improve their Maths skills and knowledge through a range of practical exercises and challenges. They will develop their investigation skills and explore sequences, patterns, code breaking, reasoning and much more. This course includes an accompanying educational visit to an interactive science museum.

A course designed for students who have a passion for building new things and enjoy design work. Students will explore the exciting field of technology, where they will develop their design and construction skills, whilst developing skills in problem solving and discover their creativity. This course includes an accompanying educational visit to an interactive science museum.
Teaching Hours and Class size

Total teaching hours: 24.5 hours (includes accompanying educational trip)

Maximum class size: 12 students

To see an example timetable, please click HERE 


Please note that the course content is subject to confirmation for 2024. All educational visits are dependent on booking availability. Alternative trips will be provided where availability is limited.