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Summer to celebrate a third generation Concordian in 2022

13 September 2021

With Concord’s residential summer programmes re-commencing in 2022, the college will be delighted to welcome a student who will become a third generation Concordian.

Carlos Bravo, 16, from Portugal will be the third member of his family to attend Concord; However, Carlos, named after both his father Carlos Bravo and grandfather Carlos Bravo, will be the first to attend a Summer School, rather than for Main Term education.

Said father, Mr Bravo: “I am very happy – it will be a privilege to have my son become a third generation Concordian.

“I was here myself as a Main Term student in 1981-1982 studying A levels, and my father was also a student at Concord in Tunbridge Wells in the 1950s.

“I know first-hand that it is both a great experience and privilege being a Concord student. I met people from all around the world, some of whom are still my friends today.

“Two of my Carlos’ friends, Francisco and Miguel, have attended Concord’s Summer School before and enjoyed it so much that they attended two years running.

“It will be good for Carlos to now experience it and to learn and practise his English skills.”

Carlos has enrolled to study Senior English combined with Activities in the July 2022 programme.

You can apply to study at Concord’s Summer School in 2022 by clicking here.

When asked about his motivations to attend Concord, Carlos said: “I know Concord is known as one of the most reputable colleges in Europe, and I feel honoured about the prospect of becoming a third generation attendee, when I attend Summer School.

“I expect to have a great time meeting a lot of people from around the world, as well as improving my English, and more specifically, I’m excited to study the Journalism component of the course.”

Concord Summer’s Senior Administrator, Mrs Sharon Connor said: “We look forward to welcoming Carlos in 2022 and to seeing Mr Bravo back at Concord.  I am sure Mr Bravo will have many happy memories of his time here and will be interested to the see the changes that have happened over the years.

“It’s a testament to the success and strength of the college and staff, as well as the shared values and lifelong memories, that the children, grandchildren and friends of alumni continue to join us for summer programmes and Main Term education.”

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