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and Offers

Concord Summer is pleased to offer the following scholarships and offers to eligible* students for the summer programme.

Leighton Award

A 100% scholarship awarded to two students to attend the following year’s Summer School (one student from each course). Summer School staff nominate those students who fully immerse themselves in the summer programme and who best represent the values of the Summer School – Kindness, Decency, Trust and Harmony. The Course Director will make the final decision on who is presented with the award and the winner is announced at the Graduation Ceremony.  The Leighton Award for 2023 will be presented during the 2022 Graduation Ceremony.

Previous Leighton Award Winners

2016 – J.Schneider (Germany) & C.Eitel (Germany) for 2017 summer programme

2017 – W.Sae-Teng (Thailand) & K.Hasegawa (Japan) for 2018 summer programme

2018 – K.Hodges (Hong Kong) & K.Kawano (Japan) for 2019 summer programme

2019 – A.Alekhina (Latvia) & M.Saaron (Estonia) for 2020 summer programme

2020 – Leighton award not awarded due to courses being cancelled

2021 – Leighton award not awarded due to courses being cancelled

Worldwide Bursary Scholarship

This bursary is awarded to 2 students in need of financial assistance to attend the programme.  Only the course fee will be covered by this bursary and the parent/guardian will be responsible for any travel costs, spending money, extra activities etc.

To apply, a letter must be written by the student stating the course they wish to apply for and the reasons they want to attend a Concord summer course (no more than 500 words). This should be emailed with a supporting letter from the parent/guardian.  Letters should be addressed and emailed to the Summer School.

Closing date for applications is 3 April 2022 and applicants will be notified of the result of their application by 10 April 2022; applications received after the closing date will not be considered.


Alumni – £200 off one course (Course 1 or Course 2) (family member must be a current main term student or a member of the Alumni Community), not applicable to University Preparation

Groups – if groups of 8 or more are travelling together, enquire for a group discount plus group leader places

Siblings – £100 discount to all siblings applying for the same course dates

*Eligible students

  • Correct age to apply for a summer programme
  • Sibling discount – for brothers/sisters only, does not include any other family members such as cousin
  • Alumni – a family member must be an approved member of the Alumni network
  • Scholarships – for students who have not received a scholarship in the past; previous applicants who have been unsuccessful can still apply