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Bursary’ scholar reflects on Summer School

14 July 2022

At the start of the year, Concord Summer launched a ‘Worldwide Bursary Scholarship’ competition, open to all prospective students hoping to attend Concord’s 2022 Summer School – the first residential programme since 2019.

The competition, which required a written or creative application on why the applicant wanted to attend Concord College Summer School, captured the attention of students from around the world.

And it was Neele from Germany who was successful in achieving a 100% bursary, and who is currently enjoying the summer experience at Concord.

Neele, 16, focussed her application on her passion for studying English, as well as her love for creative writing and drama.

Neele – the only English speaking member of her family – said: “The English language is something I feel very connected to. I feel that it can express the intricacies of emotions much better than my German mother tongue.

“Unfortunately, I am unable to speak English very often. I hope that using my skills daily will help me overcome my self-consciousness when speaking. Furthermore, I believe that concentrating on the topics I am passionate about with the support of Concord’s teachers will also strengthen my self-worth in other areas of my life.”

In her application, Neele also said: “I hope that Concord Summer School will be the environment where I can build my confidence, improve my skills, remind me of the joy of learning and confront myself with significant topics such as resilience and trust.”

The Summer School’s Marketing Department was pleased to catch up with Neele earlier this week to ask about her experiences of Summer School, and her hopes for the remainder of the course.

Neele said: “This is my first Summer School at Concord, and I am thoroughly enjoying studying English, and taking part in a variety of activities, including drama and fashion.

“I have also really enjoyed Integrated Learning, such as ‘UK universities and careers’ – which is particularly of interest to me, as I may consider further education in the UK.”

She added: “I hope to continue developing my English and creative skills.”

Pictured: Neele (front right) enjoying a Drama lesson with fellow students.