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Attendance/Absence Policy

It is important that Students attend all timetabled lessons and activities on time and register at the correct points throughout the Course. This ensures that a Student’s location on campus is always known, lessons can start on time and they are making the most of their learning experience at the Summer School. The Safeguarding Team will record and follow-up all absences within 30 minutes of registration closure; persistent lateness will also be investigated.

On weekdays boarding students register themselves in the Dining Room at breakfast (08.00-08.30) with their electronic ID card. Day students register with a Pastoral Assistant in the Directors’ Office on arrival in the morning. This information is recorded on Live Register. All students then register electronically at the card readers for each morning lesson, lunch, afternoon lessons and supper. Boarding parents do the final manual registration at room check in the evening. Day students must sign out with a member of the Senior team in the Directors’ Office when they leave the campus.

On weekends boarding students register themselves in the Dining Room at breakfast and at set points throughout the day. The timings of when these registrations take place are set prior to the course start date and will be published throughout the campus.

On a weekday, if a student does not register for breakfast or the first lesson, the following steps should be taken.


  1. The teacher should ensure that all students have registered using their electronic ID card on entry to the classroom. If a student has lost or forgotten their electronic ID card, they should be sent to the Directors’ Office.
  1. For absent students, mark a O on the register – this alerts the Safeguarding Team that the student has not arrived to the lesson. O marks will be treated as priority for locating the student.
  1. The Safeguarding Team will pursue any absences to ensure that the student is safe and well, and has a satisfactory reason for not attending registration.
  1. The Nurse will be informed of any student who is claiming ill health and will then either give the student permission to miss the rest of the day on the basis of ill health (indicating this with an I on Live register), or encourage the student to attend lessons.

Any pattern of repeated absence will be followed up by the Safeguarding Team and referred to the Directors if necessary, who will follow the Student Rules & Behaviour Policy.

Absence from mealtimes:

The Safeguarding Team will monitor absence from mealtimes and follow up accordingly, particularly if it is a regular occurrence.

Day Student Absences:

If a Day Student fails to register with the Pastoral Assistant and is absent from the first lesson parents must be contacted by phone to check on the health and whereabouts of the student.

Procedure for following up absences:

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