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– Concord Summer Online 2021

QuestionCSX The FREE Concord Summer Experience
Do I need to pay for the course?No, this is a completely free online experience.
What do I need access to, to be able to do the course?Any device that has internet connection to watch the instructional video and download the worksheet. All the tasks have been designed to complete with resources you have in your homes.
Do I need a minimum level or ability for the course?No, it is accessible for all levels of language and abilities.
How old do I need to be to join the course?The course has been designed for 13-17 year olds. If you are older or younger, you are welcome to participate, however some tasks may be too easy / hard.
Is there a timetable?No. Students can access the tasks anytime and work at their own pace, however one task will be released each day at 12.30pm BST.
How many hours do I need to attend per day?Depends on how long the independent tasks take each student to complete, but they have been designed to last approximately 1 hour per day.
Do I need to prepare before the course?No, just turn up each day and enjoy the tasks.
Will I need to attend at certain times of the day?No, you can log on anytime of the day / night to do the tasks, and if you miss a few days, you can catch up at any time.
How long are the live lessons?This course has no live elements, however the teacher of the day will be online between 12.30-2pm BST to answer any questions.
What happens if I cannot attend one day?You can catch up on any of the missed tasks at any point. We will keep all the activities online until a week after the course ends.
Can I complete the tasks at any time?Yes, this is a self-paced experience, however for your chance to win a prize, all tasks must be submitted by end of the course.
What are the benefits of doing this course?It gives students a great opportunity to try 15 different lessons delivered by Concord Summer staff and experience our integrated learning activities. It is also great fun and a brilliant opportunity to learn some new things.
What if I want to cancel my place?No action is required to cancel your place on CSX, as it is your experience. However, if you want us to delete your data, please email [email protected]