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Juniors (10-12)

Choice A (Monday & Thursday)Choice B (Tuesday & Friday)
Games & PuzzlesFootball
Golf Lessons +£200Games & Puzzles
Music PerformanceTeam Sports
Swimming Pool Activities (must be able to swim)Tennis Lessons +£200

Seniors (13-17)

Choice A (Monday & Thursday)Choice B (Tuesday & Friday)
Golf Lessons +£200Football
Movie MakingSwimming Pool Activities (must be able to swim)
Outdoor Activities (on site)Tennis Lessons +£200

Each session runs twice per week (four times per course) and provides students with applied learning opportunities through a wide range of social activities, on a topic of their interest, and includes specialist subject tuition, practical activities and opportunities for social interaction.

Students must select a different activity from each list (A&B).

Some of these activities incur an additional fee and places are limited for each subject.

+£ additional fee

*Restrictions apply for Outdoor Pursuits (age, subject available, ability for example)

Dates and Fees

English courses

Science & Maths courses

University Preparation Programme (age 16-18)

*English Levels Guide-to-Common-European-Framework-Reference-Levels


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