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Programme (age 10-12)

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2 – 20 July 2022
23 July – 10 August 2022

Junior English

Junior English
Students will benefit from 15 hours per week of classroom based English including reading, writing, speaking and listening.
> combined with Activities
> combined with Science

They will also have 6 hours per week of integrated learning through a varied timetable of either Activities or Science

ArtAnatomy & Physiology
Creative WritingComputer Science
DramaForensic Science (Crime Scene Investigation)
Fitness Testing & TrainingLogic & Puzzles
Music PerformanceNutrition
Outdoor Activities (on site)Planet Earth
SportProblem Solving
Swimming Pool Activities (must be able to swim)

Junior Science & Maths

Junior Science & Maths
Although taught in English, this programme is not an English course therefore students will need a minimum English level of B1*.
Students will benefit from 21 hours per week of laboratory based Science and Maths lessons and these will consist of theory and practical sessions.
Lessons will also include reading, writing, speaking and listening and will involve group project work.
They will be given the opportunity to plan and carry out scientific investigations, use secondary-level science equipment and gain skills and knowledge to help them succeed in Science and Maths.
  • All junior classes have a maximum capacity of 10 students.
  • All Junior & Senior summer programmes include a choice of 2 additional timetabled lessons of Concord Plus.
  • If a student’s 13th birthday is during the selected course date, please select a course from the Senior Programme.

Further information on:

Dates and Fees

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*English Levels – Guide-to-Common-European-Framework-Reference-Levels